Common Medication Errors You Should Avoid

Have you ever encountered a time when you are popping a pill yet get confused whether you previously took the day’s dose or not? Or how about taking more than recommended because you think it will be more effective? Doing these may worsen your conditions instead of treating them.

Mistakes happen during the prescription, preparation, and administration of medications every day. There are so-called potential and preventable adverse drug events in medical practice. These errors can happen even at home, and if we don’t follow instructions, there is a high chance of drug inefficiency and harmful effects to the recipient.

Do you know some of these errors in skilled nursing? Here are some examples:

  • Taking different medicines with the same active ingredients
    using pain remedies for toothache, then taking another for headache, later on.
  • Wrong dosage
    Giving 2.5ml of paracetamol to your child when it should be 5ml. This mistake happens when you follow old prescriptions instead of getting a new one. Please know that dosages may change depending on a patient’s age, weight, and other vital factors.
  • Drug interactions
    Combining food and drugs that counter the effects of each other. Be careful, for you might take combinations that can potentially be life-threatening.

To avoid these kinds of confusion and mistakes in Home Health Care in Rockport, Texas, communicate well with your doctor. Consult first before taking anything when you have hesitations. That way, you can prevent any adverse effects.

So opt for Senior Care in Texas that values safety and accuracy on home care applications and methods. Siloe Home Health can help you manage your medication intake with the correct dose at the right time. Call us now!

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