Differences Between Occupational and Physical Therapy


Occupational and physical therapy share striking similarities, which is why some people confuse the two. Both deal with bodily movement and improving overall function. These two have similar purposes and goals. The health conditions that these types of therapy treat can overlap. One example would be when a patient had a recent injury and difficulty moving, walking, and improve their mobility. Here are the aspects in which occupational and physical therapy differ:

  • Physical therapists and occupational therapists work both in medical and non-medical settings. PTs usually conduct consultations in their office, whether it’s in a hospital, private practice, sports facilities, school, or home health agency in Rockport, Texas. Meanwhile, OTs go to the client’s community, whether it’s the client’s home, workplace, or another type of vicinity, which is for the OT to better learn about the client’s problems and assist.
  • The foundation of physical therapy is rooted in physical rehabilitation, while occupational therapy is both from mental healthcare and physical rehabilitation. Home Health Care in Texas that provides both services caters to seniors experiencing a mental and physical decline.
  • Physical therapy treats stress fractures, muscular and skeletal conditions, stress, injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, and even respiratory conditions. A PT develops stretches and exercises that improve posture, balance, breathing function, and flexibility. On the other hand, occupational therapy caters to physical conditions that cause hindrance or limitations to the performance of basic tasks. Examples of conditions that require OT are birth defects, brain or spinal cord injury, autism, and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

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