Healthy Ways to Manage Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis is a silent disease concerning our bone health. Most people are unaware that their bones are losing strength. Over the years, more and more bones break down. This makes the condition most common in aging adults, especially those with a family history of osteoporosis. This makes them more susceptible to falls and injuries— even at home.

With such risk, an individual may require Senior Care in Texas to handle their daily endeavors. Having care professionals monitor their health and help them change their lifestyle to manage their condition will make a whole world of difference in their quality of life.

  • A provider of Home Health Care in Rockport, Texas, can integrate superfoods for bones into the patient’s diet.

    People can get their bone-boosting nutrients from dark leafy greens, grapefruits, figs, salmon, almonds, tofu, dried plums, and other citrus fruits. Incorporating these ingredients into your meals will help strengthen your bones.

  • Professionals can suggest and supervise a suitable exercise for your condition.

    To manage this long-term condition and prevent falls and injuries, Skilled Nursing experts can recommend specific forms of exercises that will help strengthen the patient’s bones and muscles through jogging, aerobics, or resistance training.

  • Lifestyle changes are also high-recommended by professionals.

    It’s best to switch to a healthy and active lifestyle as early as possible to avoid risks of calcium deficiency or early onset of health decline. Avoid unhealthy habits like smoking, excessive alcohol intake, and more.

Our experts at Siloe Home Health also recommend fall-proofing your home to avoid fracturing any fragile bones. Our team has the skills to help patients achieve their optimal health. You can count on our team to keep you safe, comfortable, and healthy at home.

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