Vitamins and Minerals and Their Importance

vitamins-and-minerals-and-their-importanceGood nutrition is essential to keep us strong and healthy. We get these from the substances we consume. Our bodies cannot produce these on their own, so we need foods rich with these nutrients to help us get the daily amount our bodies require. And this is also why we buy multivitamin supplements in drugstores for added nutrition.

But what are vitamins and minerals?

Vitamins are water and fat-soluble organic substances. Water-soluble means that they dissolve in water. The excess amounts will be excreted with urine, while fat-soluble means it can be dissolved in fat and accumulate in our body.

Minerals are inorganic substances from the Earth that plants and animals can absorb. We eventually absorb these too by eating food.

Since not everyone under Senior Care in Texas can get a healthy diet, health supplements can supply nourishment that they cannot receive from food alone.

There may be many seniors who suffer from various conditions resulting in eating habit changes. With Skilled Nursing, we can help the elderly get the nourishment they need every day.

It’s time to avail of a trusted Home Health Care in Rockport, Texas, which can help maintain your senior parents’ proper health and wellness. Call Siloe Home Health at 361-238-4999 now!

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