Wound Care 101: All the Basics to Keep in Mind


There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to patient care. Caregivers must not only be flexible in multitasking, but they must also be knowledgeable in doing different skilled nursing services. Aside from making sure that the patient is well-taken care of, they should also ensure that all of his/her caregiving needs are met. A great example of essential skilled nursing is practicing proper wound care.

Wound care is one of the most challenging parts of caregiving. This is crucial as one simple mistake can lead to serious health consequences. Say, for example, not being able to practice proper hygiene could result in an infection. Health complications are the last thing that anyone would want to happen, especially when it comes to senior care in Texas and other areas.

Despite being able to take care of their loved ones, family caregivers may struggle with the provision of healthcare services. Wound care may seem like a simple task, but this is already challenging for someone who wasn’t able to undergo healthcare training.

Are you having the same dilemma?
Worry no more. We have listed some guidelines to avoid the risk of infections.

  • Wash your hands before touching the affected area.
  • Change the dressings regularly.
  • Use high-quality antibiotic cream and ointments.
  • Don’t get the wound wet.
  • Practice pain management techniques.

Although the above-mentioned guidelines have been proven effective, it is still best to get assistance from well-trained healthcare professionals.

Siloe Home Health offers top-notch home health care in Rockport, Texas to ensure that patients receive their needed skilled caregiving services at home. We strive to help everyone have a safe recovery right in the comfort of their abode.

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