Common Injuries Among Senior Adults


Aging is a process that occurs as time passes. As people become seniors, they will have less energy and grow weaker. These are the reasons why during this particular stage of life, they are most susceptible to injuries — injuries that may require therapy services.

  • Injuries from falls

    Among seniors, falls are the most common cause of injuries needing physical therapy. And head trauma, broken bones, and hip fractures are some of the leading injuries caused by falling in seniors. These can be fatal to the elderly whose muscle health has weakened and whose bones are fracture-risk.

  • Burns

    Burns are the next common injury after falls, especially for seniors who cook regularly. It can happen due to cooking accidents or malfunction of cooking appliances that can cause long-lasting injuries to a senior.

  • Sprains

    Tendons and ligaments lose elasticity and become less flexible as seniors grow older. That is why sprain injuries are common during this stage. These can happen in every activity, so getting home health care in Texas is a very important decision to consider. There are many types of home care to avail.

With watchful senior care, you can prevent these from happening.

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