Home Care Services Seniors Can Avail


Being able to reach old age is great. We will experience more of the beauty of life and achieve more things that make us happy, and we can share with the people we value the most. And during this point in our life, we seniors prefer to age in place, where we feel most comfortable and happiest. But things may never be the same for some of us who experience challenges like weakening bodies, frail health, some forms of chronic disease, disability, etc. will threaten our independence. In these situations, we need assistance such as those provided by home health care in Texas can continue living independently as much as possible. Read on to know some of the home care services we seniors can avail of.

  • Personal care
    This is the assistance provided when it comes to doing activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, meal preparation, etc. Home health aides, like those providing senior care, give personal care services ranging from a few hours a day to whole-day live-in care. They give limited aid on things like taking blood pressure or giving medication reminders.
  • Healthcare
    Trained professionals like physical therapists, home health nurses, social workers, etc. can provide healthcare or homecare services. We can ask our insurance or health service about what kind of coverage is available for us. We may have to spend out of our own pocket on some of the services.
  • Household maintenance
    It’s hard to keep a household running well. If doing it is getting more challenging for us, we can avail of laundry, housekeeping, shopping, gardening, handyman, etc. services. We can avail of financial and health care management if we have a hard time updating our bills.
  • Transportation
    Transportation is an essential issue, especially when it comes to the times we have to go to our medical appointments or avail therapy services. We may have a hard time driving at night or don’t like doing it. Being provided access to trains, rideshare apps, reduced fares, buses, taxis, and senior transportation can aid in prolonging our independence and keeping our social network.

At Siloe Home Health, you can avail of excellent quality healthcare services delivered by our highly proficient healthcare professionals to help you maintain your health. Feel free to contact us about our home health agency in Rockport, Texas.

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