Preparing for Your First Therapy Session


Are you ready for your first therapy session? Whether physical, speech, or occupational therapy, you might not be sure if you’re well prepared, but that’s okay because there are plenty of ways to do it.

Siloe Home Health, your home health agency in Rockport, Texas, provides therapy services for seniors as part of their care program. If you’re one of those people still scared of attending therapies, then some tips we have will surely help.

Hereunder are some things you can do before your session with your therapists:

  • Take time to ponder. 

    Remember that this therapy is about you. Ergo, before going on to your first session, think about what you want to accomplish after your sessions. That includes the things you want to improve, learn, and eradicate.

  • Let your loved ones know. 

    Tell your family and friends that you’re going to therapy. They are your support, so you shouldn’t prohibit them from reaching out to you. Besides, you can utilize the conversations you’ll have with them to devise your therapy goals.

  • Clear your mind and be open to possibilities. 

    It’s normal to feel anxious the first time, but your anxiety will dissipate the moment you clear your mind. Convince yourself that this therapy will be a stepping stone for you to become a better version of yourself, especially since these therapies are part of a personalized senior care program.

  • Focus on your schedule. 

    Don’t schedule other appointments or activities on the same day as your therapy. That will allow you to focus and be more active in your session.

If you’re interested in attending our therapy services, get in touch with our home health care in Texas! Contact us!

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