Debunking Some Myths About Skilled Nursing


Misconceptions about skilled nursing are still present nowadays, despite the efforts of many medical professionals to debunk them. We may go in circles, but as home health providers, we will continuously do our best to manage these misconceptions to open people’s minds regarding the realities of skilled nursing and how it can be beneficial for them.

Allow us, Siloe Home Health, your home health agency in Rockport, Texas, to enumerate some misconceptions:

  • Skilled nursing doesn’t provide high-quality and satisfactory care. 

    That is not true because we are operated by trained professionals committed to offering the best-skilled nursing services. We discuss our senior care plans with our clients before anything else to ensure that we share the same goal.

  • In skilled nursing, families of patients are not involved. 

    That is also a false statement because, as providers of home health care in Texas, we encourage the facilitation and participation of their respective family members. Their support is vital to our overall home care goal.

  • Skilled nursing involves physical restraints and the use of mechanical devices. 

    These practices had been eliminated ages ago. However, using mechanical devices may be necessary to treat certain medical conditions. But then again, we can assure you that they are government regulated, professionally supervised, and are only practiced as a last resort.

Skilled nursing is one of the homecare services we offer, and if you choose to entrust your loved ones’ welfare to us, you’ll never regret it because we are equipped with enough knowledge, skills, tools, and equipment to accomplish the job.

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