Different Ways to Take Blood Samples for Testing


Blood work is essential to check and monitor what’s happening in our bodies. It is also crucial to detect existing or developing illnesses – especially when symptoms aren’t there. As a provider of Home Health Care in Texas, we understand the need for diagnostic tests.

And what are the ways to take blood samples?

  • Venipuncture

    It is the most common procedure where phlebotomists take blood through the vein. Blood is usually extracted from the median cubital vein in the arm, which is closer to the skin.

  • Arterial blood test

    Blood is taken from an artery instead of a vein.

  • Finger prick test

    It is a simple way to collect a sample. It is done by pricking the fingertip to obtain a small amount of blood and is often used for at-home test kits and rapid testing.

  • A heel stick test

    It is done during newborn screening tests. This is only applicable to neonates and pediatric patients.

Seniors are recommended to get annual check-ups that include laboratory tests or panels. It is vital to ensure their wellness and identify the need for treatment or possible Senior Care and assistance at home.

Our skilled nurses at Siloe Home Health can perform venipuncture for seniors conveniently at their homes. They may also assist with injections and Infusion Therapy when people at home fear working with needles.

And when your seniors need Skilled Nursing at home due to various conditions, our efficient team of healthcare workers can provide the care they need.

Call our Home Health Agency in Rockport, Texas for details.

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