Diabetes Education: What to Do to Prevent Complications


Diabetes is a chronic illness that can result in several life-threatening complications, such as heart disease, vision loss, and kidney disease. As of the moment, there is no current cure for diabetes yet, but eating healthily and diabetes self-management, education, and support can help you reduce its impact on your life. Where do you start? Below are some tips.

  • Stay fully committed to managing your diabetes.
    With the help of skilled nursing, you can learn the basics of diabetes care to manage your condition well. Eat healthily and commit to physical activities daily, and don’t forget to seek the professional assistance of your physician and dietitian.
  • Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control.
    High blood pressure and cholesterol levels can lead to a heart attack, stroke, or other life-threatening conditions. When you have diabetes, the damage is often worse and could affect your blood vessels rapidly. Take control of your blood pressure and cholesterol by choosing healthy meals and exercising regularly.
  • Manage your weight.
    Healthy weight is important in preventing not just diabetes but other diseases as well. Senior care in Texas helps in keeping you healthy because caregivers are well-trained in preparing the right meals and assisting your loved ones in feeding. If you’re struggling with weight issues, it’s important to seek professional advice to know where to begin your weight loss journey.

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