Early Warning Signs of Arthritis


Arthritis is a chronic condition with symptoms that vary from person to person. Its symptoms usually come and go and can change from day to day; however, it is essential to understand how the symptoms may affect your loved ones. Siloe Home Health listed some of the symptoms of arthritis so you can help your loved one get relief and ease inconvenience.

  • Joint pain
    In the onset of arthritis, joint pains often occur at the fingers and wrists. The pain is also frequently followed by joint tenderness or pain. When this happens, joint swelling may cause inconvenience to your loved ones and affect their ability to do their daily tasks. Senior care in Texas offers chronic pain assistance so your loved ones can relieve your loved one’s burden and pain.
  • Fatigue
    Do your loved ones feel unusually tired? Fatigue is a common sign of arthritis, too! In most cases, fatigue comes with feeling ill in general. But, fatigue should not stop productivity levels. Skilled nursing provides additional assistance so your loved ones can still move around whenever necessary.
  • Numbness and tingling
    Tendon inflammation causes numbness or a burning sensation. Inflammation also creates pressure on the nerves. As a result of damaged cartilage grinding against joints, the hands or feet joints may even produce a crackling noise.

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