Mistakes to Avoid When Conducting Venipuncture


There are plenty of reasons why a medical professional administers venipuncture to a patient or individual. For certain circumstances, performing venipuncture is done as a routine procedure to:

  • Acquire blood samples for diagnostic purposes
  • Administer treatments intravenously
  • Monitor the level of blood components

Medical professionals such as phlebotomists, medical practitioners, medical laboratory scientists, dialysis technicians, and nursing staff are qualified to perform skilled nursing. If you are any of them, you should avoid the common mistakes during venipuncture. These are:

  • Performing the incorrect order when collecting blood samples
  • Pressure applied on site is not long enough
  • Failure to invert and improper labeling of the tubes
  • There is an oversight to anchor the vein with the thumb

Other mistakes may happen when conducting venipuncture on a patient. Mistakes are inevitable, but as an administering professional, always be vigilant. Human life relies on your hands, and one’s safety will depend on your proper administration. As a home health care in Rockport, Texas, we provide venipuncture as one of our services. We have a line of healthcare services that we design specifically for each patient under our care.

Our nurses have the proper training. It is significant for us that they have the skill, experience, and ability to handle every unique case of each patient.

Siloe Home Health is a provider of senior care in Texas. It is our goal to ensure that each individual under our care is given the right support for daily living. We make sure to provide comfort and convenience to our clients in the warmth of their homes.

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