Fall Prevention and Safety for Seniors

While it may appear to be an accidental mishap, falls can indicate poor health and a decline in functioning. Falls are a major public health problem, yet they are not inevitable for aging adults. In reality, there are various ways of preventing falls.

  • Continue to Move and be Active
  • Walking and basic strength and balance exercises can significantly lower your chance of falling by improving your strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

  • Wear Appropriate Non-Slip Footwear
  • When it comes to falls in the elderly, backless, heeled, and loose-fitting shoes are major risk factors. The National Institute on Aging suggests wearing shoes with rubber soles, low heels, and non-skid traction.

  • Install Assistive Devices
  • If you are staying with a senior, it is strongly advised that you use assistive devices. Handrails for stairways, grab bars for different areas of the bathroom, and higher toilet seats with armrests are some helpful devices to consider installing.

  • Have Your Eyes and Ears Checked
  • Minor changes in your eyesight and hearing can cause you to trip and fall. Take your time adjusting to new glasses or contact lenses. If you have a hearing aid, make sure it fits you properly and that you are correctly wearing it.

Enlisting the services of home health care in Rockport, Texas is a wise decision, especially for people who have a disability, have had surgery, have mobility issues, or are recovering from an illness. You will not only be able to save money on hospital visits, but you will also be able to keep your loved ones independent.

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