How Physical Therapy Benefits Older Adults

How Physical Therapy Benefits Older Adults

Recovering from an illness or injury can be challenging at any age, but it is particularly difficult for older adults. Chronic pain and age-related conditions impact a senior’s strength, coordination, and ability to perform daily tasks. Through physical therapy, seniors enjoy several benefits and recover faster from an injury or illness.

As a provider of senior care in Texas, we will share the benefits of physical therapy for older adults:

  • Manage chronic pain
    Many seniors experience chronic pain due to conditions like osteoporosis or arthritis. Through physical therapy, older adults regain their strength and preserve the use of their joints to offset future symptoms. A physical therapist can also teach therapeutic methods and exercises to reduce the discomfort that they feel.
  • Lessens dependence on prescription drugs
    Physical therapy is effective in managing and reducing chronic pain. Hence, it can help lessen a senior’s dependence on prescription medication. Receiving physical therapy from a provider of home health care in Rockport, Texas, allows seniors to manage their pain better.
  • Reduces the risk of falls and injuries
    One in four seniors experiences a bad fall each year, leading to fatal injury and non-fatal trauma-related hospital admissions. Through physical therapy, seniors reduce their risk of falls by enhancing their balance and gait. Physical therapy also teaches them exercises to maintain good posture and enhance strength and flexibility.

Siloe Home Health is a home health care agency serving clients across South Texas and the Coastal Blend. We offer a broad range of services, including physical therapy, skilled nursing, medical social work, and more. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information about our services.

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