Recalibrating Therapeutic Care During the Pandemic

Recalibrating Therapeutic Care During the Pandemic

Therapeutic care services, such as physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy, belong to the most vital medical care for seniors in this pandemic. Home health care in Rockport, Texas recalibrates the delivery of therapy care to meet the demands during this health crisis.

  • Remote care and physical therapy
    Due to strict protocols, many agencies have limited person-to-person interactions to avoid spreading coronavirus infection. However, skilled nursing services, like physical therapy, can still be delivered at home if necessary. For some professionals, remote care through telehealth becomes a way of monitoring and educating patients and their families.
  • Online platforms and speech therapy
    Technology is more advantageous for speech therapy since a video conversation could still help a client with speech problems. Also, patients can regularly do oral exercises at home, such as wagging tongue or reading stories. You can visit online platforms or download mobile applications to improve your articulation and fluency skills.
  • Accessibility and occupational therapy
    Like physical therapy, occupational therapy is more challenging if done remotely. Nonetheless, this rehabilitative service is still accessible to patients at home or in any healthcare setting. Besides, providers of senior care in Texas continue to identify issues and solve problems in delivering quality care during this global health crisis.

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