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How to Effectively Alleviate Pain

Aging is often associated with joint pains and muscle pains that can make life difficult for seniors. These pains can even affect productivity and one’s day-to-day routine, making effective pain management essential to attain relief and comfort and get back on track.

Are you a senior who is plagued with muscle pains or joint pains? If so, here are some ways to alleviate them according to a provider of home health care in Rockport, Texas:

  • Apply warm or cold compresses.

    Cold compresses can help alleviate swelling and reduce pain and inflammation. Meanwhile, warm compresses boost blood flow, which helps with stiffness and muscle tightness.

  • Try liniments, ointments, or salves.

    Topical pain relievers such as liniments, oils, or salves can effectively reduce pain. Some may even have cooling/warm sensations that can help relieve and relax aching muscles or joints.

  • Incorporate turmeric, bone broth, and collagen into your diet.

    Turmeric and bone broth are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, making them excellent remedies for pain. Collagen can also help cushion and lubricate joints and is known to alleviate joint pains.

If you seek optimum and lasting relief from age-related pains, please feel free to reach out to Siloe Home Health. We can provide you with skilled nursing services that include pain management, which can help you manage your pain effectively.

Avail of quality health services and senior care in Texas by giving us a call, today!

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