When to Ask for Professional Speech Therapy

When to Ask for Professional Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is not only concerned about your speech and language problems. It also deals with issues affecting your cognitive and swallowing skills. Though this is commonly provided to children, our home health care in Rockport, Texas, caters to the need of seniors as well. 

Professional therapists or speech-language pathologists help individuals get some relief from the following problems:

  • Articulation
    If you or a loved one is not speaking clearly or creating mistakes in sounds, it might be due to hearing loss, changes in your oral structure, or neurological stroke. Skilled nursing specialists can help improve your speaking skills and live a better lifestyle.
  • Fluency
    Fluency in speaking refers to the fluid manner of uttering words. When you stutter, you sound like mumbling or trying to say something but it doesn’t come out. The cause of this problem might be genetic or emotional. This is when an experienced therapist can help you.
  • Oral Feeding
    Oral problems are common to elders who have experienced a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, medication side effects, and muscular disorders. Dedicated providers of senior care in Texas can assess your condition and help you with your eating and swallowing abilities. Speech pathologists work closely with you to get a satisfying relief.

For further assistance, please get in touch with our specialists here at Siloe Home Health. You may send us a message at contact@siloehomehealth.com. We are happy to serve you soon.

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